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Jalan Suci - Pelayanan lewat buku dimulai pada awal 1970

Rev. Edwin B. Stube

Rev. Edwin B StubeThe Reverend Edwin B. Stube served as an Episcopal priest in parishes in Montana, in Western Maryland, and in Baltimore. He and his family also spent twelve years in Indonesia where they established The Holy Way (Jalan Suci), an organization that trains young nationals for evangelism and church planting. This work continues to expand. Edwin Stube established a reputation as a teacher. He returned to God the Father in February 2001, but his spiritual inheritance continues to grow.

A Fire is Burning - Rev. E.B. Stube

A Fire is BurningAn autobiography of Edwin B. Stube's life and of the early years The Holy Way up to 1972. The personnel story that covers the formative years of the Charismatic Movement in the 1960's that shaped Ed Stube. The motivations, and the struggles that helped forge his humble character. Also a history of The Holy Way in Indonesia up to 1972, as it struggled to create an alternate approach to evangelism and establish the first "New Testament Style" Training Centers.

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Worship, the Holy Way & Edwin Stube - Ps. Spencer Scrutton

Worship and The Holy WayEver wondered, Why the Holy Way has such an all inclusive service? Worship as part of everything? I seek to answer this by discussing the character of our founder Edwin B. Stube. The torch that established Indonesian Training Centers, was no idle chance, it was God's master plan.

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The Purposes of God - Rev. E.B. Stube

The Purposes of GodToday, more than at any previous time of history, we need to deal with ultimate questions: why did God create the world? What principles govern his action in history? Where is all this headed? What is God's purpose for each of us and for our church? Read how the author explores these important subjects and their application in our lives.

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The Kingdom - Rev. Edwin B. Stube

The Kingdom Published by The Holy Way shortly before the death of Edwin B. Stube in February 2001. "The Kingdom" is an exciting message to the church during the days of preparation of the Bride of Christ.

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Greater Works - PS. Spencer Scrutton

Greater WorksA 28 page study, examining concepts of "greater works" (John 14:12). A search for deeper, Biblical understandings. The task here is to investigate how Scriptural various options may be, and to uncover other elements of meaning. We need to meditate on real sustainable applications, not just those "someone said", or the one that suits the preachers theme.

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Girded with Truth - Rev. E.B. Stube

Girded with TruthGirded With Truth is a practical book for today. It will build a sound foundation for your faith, give you stability, help your understand God and life. These great Christian truths will impact on you. Girded with Truth is an inclusive Christian theology. It brings together catholic, evangelical, and charismatic experiences of God, presenting them as a coherent whole.

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According to the Pattern -  E.B. Stube

According to the PatternHere is a radically scriptural program for discipleship and church planting: Lead people to conversion, learn the basics of Christian living, walk in the Spirit, form fellowship and train disciples for ministry. These principle have been applied with powerful results on the mission field of Indonesia (128 pages).

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1st John, "Eternal Life". Rev E.B. Stube

1st John - Eternal LifeA Short Commentary on the First Letter of John. "The epistle reflects the life of a man who knew Jesus intimately and is now passing on the fruit of a lifetime of living out of the totality of the Christ experience."

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Call to Battle - Rev. E.B. Stube

Call to BattleThe transcript of a powerful, supernatural Bible Camp, concerning the world mission of the Church which revolutionized our understanding of ministry and started a nationwide renewal in the Spirit. This transcript of camp events and teachings is presented to show the lessons the Lord taught God's people which have made possible all that has happened since.

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In the Beauty of Holiness - E.B. Stube

In the Beauty of HolinessThis study examines several aspects of the Biblical teaching on worship, showing how the Old Testament types are fulfilled in the New, how the New Testament Church worshiped, and making suggestions for worship in the church of the of today.

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Herein Is Love - Rev. E.B. Stube

Herein Is LoveA meditation on how six eyewitnesses may have perceived the Cross of Jesus Christ.
Recommended reading for Lent and Holy Week.

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The Revelation of John -  E.B. Stube

The Revelation of JohnAs time goes on, many parts of the Revelation become more clear because events like those described are taking place. It is a book for today. We hope that this outline will provoke further study, prayer, and discussion and that it will open hearts and minds to the great and exciting things God is doing.

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The Living Word - Rev E.B. Stube

The Living WordThe transcript of the Bible Camp held by The Holy Way team in Nongkodjadjar, Indonesia in December, 1970, where the Lord provided a new atmosphere and new teaching they had never experienced before. This camp sees the emergence of many themes synonymous with The Holy Way. The Camp was an awesome occasion during which the Lord spoke extensively and forcefully about the relationship of worship and ministry.
Editors Comment: Like manna fresh from the desert (except that this lot doesn't go off). It is with great pleasure that I make this book available again (June-2012). My thanks to David Stube who provided a copy of Edwin Stube's original manuscript.

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Fellowship in the Spirit -  E.B. Stube

Fellowship in the SpiritThis 22 page booklet gives instruction in exercise of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they operate in worship and ministry and the life of the Body of Christ.

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Holy Convocation 2000 -  E.B. Stube

Holy Convocation 2000This transcript is from The Holy Way Holy Convocation of 2000. It provides an understanding of what happened "in the Spirit" at that camp, and, is also suitable reading to help prepare all those that wish to attend future Holy Way Convocations.

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The Sword of the Spirit - E.B. Stube

The Sword of the SpiritA 12 page booklet exploring effective intercession as spiritual warfare. The Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than a two-edged sword. In this world, there is no more powerful weapon. We can learn to use this sword with boldness.

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Tongues Of Fire - Bernice Selvig

Tongues Of FireThis booklet gives a powerful teaching on effective intercession, that is urgently needed by the church of today.

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Worship and Ministry - Rev. E.B. Stube

Worship and MinistryThis eight page booklet teaches on the three possible levels of our worship and ministry and how they are related. This challenging overview, discusses standard church methods and offers insight on how to seek a more spiritual approach.

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Forming New Testament Churches - Rev. E.B. Stube

Forming New Testament ChurchesThis fore runner of "According to the Pattern." How God led The Holy Way in Indonesia, and the theology behind their radical alternative methods of Evangelism. An accurate book review would be, "Simple, Direct, Challenging, and Beautiful to read." (Completed about 1973)

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Published Journals - Rev. E.B. Stube

Young Edwin StubeBefore and after Indonesia, Rev. Edwin Stube was an Episcopal Priest in the USA. Here are 3 published Journal pieces that discuss his early work. In Trinity Magazine, and Overseas Mission Review.

1961-Healing leads to Conversion

1962-The Holy Spirit on trial in Montana

1968-Overseas Mission Review. All about the early work of the Holy Spirit in Indonesia.