Mission/Purpose Statement

"Prophetic" ...... "International"

That statement should tell you all you need to know!

Ok - for all those that like to read neat mission statements that may or may not be true (in this case it is all true).....

"If you had been fully immersed in the things of God,
you could be sent out into the fields that are ready for harvest.
But you are not ready
You have been going only by what you have been taught.
But "now," the Lord says, "the teaching rain has come.
I will teach you by My Spirit."

Prophetic International was established to provide the prophetic teaching and ongoing support urgently required to lift
the 'whatever it is we do' to the next level.
We have to rise above what we have been taught!

Note: It's not just another Basic Bible Study.
Those can be found almost anywhere.

This site is designed to:
     Teach, inform and discuss prophetic issues
      Answer some of those really useful 'stupid questions'

Far to much effort is wasted trying:
     To stop the 'loose cannon' Prophet, from firing a few shots.
     Or to control the prophet and direction of those shots.
Only real positive frameworks can provided freedom to operate.

"The teaching rain has come"
From a prophesy given in the 1960's. It was one of many that heralded a movement that would believe in and experience a revival of "Prophetic Teaching," not just lots of prophesy. Many decades later this movement is still alive and growing, because the Spirit of God is increasingly at work in the world.
"Prophetic Teaching"
is Word based, and prophetically inspired.
Some have embraced the concept, but lost the Word based accuracy; that is their loss. Others have managed to resist the attraction of empty formality, popularity, various fads, and returned time and time again to the truth that without prophetic vision the people will perish.
Only the Holy Spirit can save, inspire and teach the church.
"Prophetic Teaching" is still vitally needed today.