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Prophetic Integrity
Bad Prophesy - But Why?

PI-1 Times of deflation 2012-2022

(Bad Prophesy - at least 90% wrong)

PI-2  Sand Mandalas 2012

(Bad Teaching, Prophesy & prejudice)

PI-3  Steve Foss Prophesy 2008

(Bad Prophesy - & defamatory comments)

PI-4  Prophesy for America 2013

(Bad Prophesy & Tour Advertising)


Prophetic Roles

PR-1 Prophesy - Gift or Calling?

PR-2 Prophetic Types
(An Overview)

PR-3 Prophet Priest and King
Bible Order Rediscovered

PR-4 Working together in Unity

PR-5 Intercessor or Prophet?

PR-6 The Prophet you Want

Prophetic Boundaries

PB-1 International or Local?

PB-2 Regional Authority

PB-3 Call to the Nations

PB-4 A Prophetic Time-Line

Various Articles

Prophesy for Australia


  Has Prophesy Ceased

Prophetic Attributes

Identifying a Prophet

Bad Habits (Can't help myself-!)

Prophet Imposition

Tongues of Fire

What's Prophetic Teaching?

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