First Things  -  A Brief Intro on the Prophetic Gift

A Way of Life

Living with a prophetic nature (i.e. being a prophet), as opposed to occasionally (or even regularly) using the gift of prophesy, is truly a way of life. From the Old Testament Prophets to the distinctive Agabus of the New Testament and continuing on today, the true prophet may well stand out from the crowd when they declare how God is moving. Sometimes we may stand out so much, that other prophets find it hard to be flexible enough to accept or understand how we may operate. The dilemma is, the more "different" you are, the more difficult it is to share your true self, and the more likely it is you will be greeted by the "God doesn't do that" expression on someone's face.

Of course there are many today that adopt a prophetic delivery style and but will only speak "peace - peace". Like some in the Old Testament that were referred to as "false prophets" - I'm sure they have very good intentions.

Three Essentials

Ok, first up, there are three essentials for discovering, uncovering, and establishing any genuine prophetic gift you may have; these are:

1. An Intimate God Relationship

A prophet relationship with God relies on gritty realism that is capable of calling a spade a spade. Pseudo religious reverence and all outward show achieves little or nothing in the spiritual realm. A prophet uses emotion to communicate and connect with heart of God, and that same emotion to act prophetically for God. However there is no magic in shouting and jumping around, quiet emotion can be just as effective.

2. A Stillness to Listen

Without a reflective stillness and an ability to truly hear and divide the prophetic and written word of truth any prophetic gift is handicapped for life. Objectivity (but not detachment), accurate interpretation, study, meditation, and quiet reflection, are all essential aspects of listening clearly.

3. The Raw Gift Itself

A prophetic gift is rarely from one source only. The raw gift may be part hereditary, part learnt, and part desire, but it is still God's gift. It may be ignored, stunted, abused, misused (it may even be faked and controlled), or it may be sensitively developed over many years. All gift development will include challenge, pain, and confusing confrontation where we learn to bypass what doesn’t work, and find what God really wants us to do, and how to do it.

Prophetic International was established to celebrate the valuable work of the numerous people that move in prophetic ways.

Prophetic International was established to teach at an advanced level.   Ongoing teaching and support is hard to find and urgently required to lift the 'whatever it is we do' to the next level.