Product Warning

Intro and Product Warning

The following articles are from the prophets perspective, however since these are all relevant Scriptural issues, I am sure there will be something here for everybody.

Almost all articles are written to encourage more International Prophets to emerge.

This is as good a place as any to apply a product warning. You know, the sort that says don't try this at home! What I mean is, I am doing this from a ministry perspective not a nosey onlookers perspective, or an occasional interest perspective, therefore please consider the following matters seriously:

  • If you have no reason use any of the things in these articles then don't!
  • Wisdom says; don't open doors you can't close. Also, I don't usually go around looking for a fight, or trying things for the first time on desperate unsuspecting people that think I know what I'm doing.
  • I also notice that Jesus sent his trainees out in pairs and there is great wisdom in this.
  • When in doubt, work with someone more experienced that you respect, with good discernment and judgment.
  • The disciples had an excellent teacher, how good is yours? (Do you have one?)
  • The Bible encourages us to seek fellowship (with like minded Christians) not avoid it - Do you?
  • This is no do it yourself site for raw amateurs, in fact it is full of information they could be dangerous for a beginner

What I'm trying to say is - be careful, and have respect for yourself and others.

Enough of the warnings and pleasantries if I havenít put you off, enjoy yourself
(And I'll try harder next time).

P. I. Editor

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