Prophesy for the Spiritual Stature of Australia


The 2010-2020 Prophesy (& a reflection)

Years ago! In 2010, when I wrote down the prophesy that follows, I admit to being doubtful about the extent of devastation. Could this happen in ten years? It seemed extreme. Were my doubts wishful thinking? Or just regret? I expected, the downward curve to level out. For years, the natural curve continued, (More than I expected), and sad to say, I don't think it's bottomed out. Even so, where was the rest of the decline?

Enter 2020! Who knew how devastating it would be? A prophet? Ha ha! My kind of joke. Of course, we still don't know. The devastation hasn't finished! Around the world, many churches were ordered to shut their doors, and I agree! They should, lest the pandemic decimate elderly congregations! The age demographic alone says so, and any fool could foresee it happening (If a fool can see it, what does that make a denier?).

Uncertainty remains. As vaccines roll out, how many will return to church? How many will turn to god? How many fools will refuse the vaccine? How many will despair of god for giving us a pandemic? The last idea is rubbish of course, we did this to ourselves.

Lazy habits stick! Even if it's only a five to ten percent drop on the present (small) total that attendance, many churches will drop below a sustainable level. So, add another item to the list of bad news. The big pandemic church sell off is coming!

Jan-2021. I just searched "church sales 2020", I found a site with 62 churches for sale! (on one site), all available in Victoria, Australia (my state). So, the church sell off is now a fact. Churches are reluctant to sell, so many of these 62 may be influenced by pre-pandemic decisions.

When you read the 2010 prophesy, it's now obvious I was correct, and the blessing-promisers were wrong... Seriously, if you still think things are good, open your eyes!! The detail of how much has been lost, is an ongoing issue, since the decline has not yet stopped.

Please Note: Official church sale detail is very difficult to find. Also, we must distinguish between real population based figures on "religious belief", and "bums on seats" that don't take into account population increases. In Australia, we must wait for the next (2021) sensus results.

The following 2010 prophesy was available on this site for many years, Here is the prophesy again, unaltered.


(The following was written in 2010)

Prophesy for the Spiritual Stature of Australia 1010-1020

In reply to some recent "spiritual fantasy" prophesies, it has become obvious to me that the church needs a large dose of truth. So here is the real story of the next 10 years, and the hard work that to be done.

·         Most Christians will continue to live (and survive) outside the body of the church

·         This percentage of Christians living outside church organizations will increase

·         Traditional churches will continue to shrink

·         Some churches will begin a new round of amalgamation talks

·         "New generation" Pentecostal churches will grow in numbers, but the overall percentage of Christians (per population) in church will continue to fall

·         Within 10 years country areas will feel serious stress from church congregation networks vanishing (some of these will be replaced by other volunteer groups)

·         Within 10 years country areas will feel serious stress (even if they don’t know the origin of it) from the majority of church buildings turning into 'antique' shops, and the loss/change of identity and focus that will bring (thus continuing the rise of secularism that will fill the gap)

·         Country areas will notice a severe lack of pastors (quality and quantity) willing to care for just a few sheep (this will also tend to make people leave/ignore church, including Pastors)

      (10 years ago I was saying 20 years for these things - so we're half way there)

·         City areas will also experience a share of these problems

·         City churches will therefore continue to attract transfer growth

·         City churches will suffer various degrees of congregation growth and decline, but most will decline in number

·         The number of churches (with dedicated buildings) will continue to decrease

·         City Christians will continue to reduce as a percentage of the population

·         Many will be led astray toward other religions with, ‘little purpose and no effective forgiveness’.

·         The spiritual drought and confusion in Australia will continue to grow

·         The invention and promotion your 'own religion' will begin to flourish (for serious and amusement value – there has been very little of this so far in Australia)

·         There will be a degree of revival in Australia (though limited and not wanted by most congregations and denominations – in fact most Christians will not even be aware it has happened)

·         This revival will be considered as ‘manipulated and forced’ by most churches

·         This revival will quickly become commercialized by some churches (for bums on seats) and thereafter will lose its way in Australia

Wow – Nothing sucks like a stinking pile of bad news!

I wrote these statements because Christians were proclaiming "bless only bless" good news prophesies. Misleading statements of good news. I can fully understand why people want to convince themselves to believe 'good news' prophesies. But be warned, fantasies prevent real results! Bad news, happens! Here is the rub - unless you discover the problems, we can't fix them, so there will be no salvation, no way to turn around the misfortunes of the church.

You will not want to accept this prophesy for the next ten years (or more!). Guess what – I don't like it either! So what are WE going to do about it? This is a prophesy, it has not happened yet, and it does not need to happen, but unless we do a whole lot, it will! happen.

If these things do not happen then – “the Lord has not spoken through me.” (1Ki 22:28)

As ever – I live in hope of being wrong.

But that won't happen by itself.


Ooopsy! 2020 has come and gone. Too late!!

Ok, 62 churches for sale! (in Vic.) What? You want more proof?

Combine the above 2 lines, for a gloomy Aust. story.

These USA stats are even worse.

This age related data is also disturbing.

So, should we all give up? No! But trying to hide the truth and carry on, doesn't work! Positive thinking, doesn't work! It's time to wake up, try new social media variations. Don't like that idea? Tough! Social media is here to stay (unlike old habits).

Mega churches will always work, what we really need is a small church revolution, and that's where social media comes in.

How will it work? Well there are few models out there now, if you look, you'll find them. We need more!

Or, we could keep ignoring the truth, doing what works less and less, and continue the downward cycle. I know which I prefer.

The other thing we need, is socially responsible, inclusive, Christianity!