Glory Wave

The 2010 Prophesy (and reflection)

This word of prophesy was given to D. Chitwood on Saturday, February 27, 2010, 8:00 a.m. after the earthquake in Chile, and since the prophesy was passed to me by a friend, I posted it on this site.

Just as right now there are tsunami warnings out, Iím putting out a warning to you my child, ďGlory WaveĒ warnings. There is a Glory Wave of unparalleled proportion that is getting ready to hit the earth. Only those who are crying out, thirsty for Me, hungering for My presence will be caught up in the manifested glory that is getting ready to hit.

All natural truth is parallel to the spiritual and there is getting ready to be a great shaking among my people and then My Glory is descending. Iím looking for My Bride, not a girlfriend. This Glory that is getting ready to be released is a supernatural glory that my people have prayed and fasted for.

Miracles are getting ready to happen all over the world. There will be no denying it is Jehovah, Yeshua. Jump into this wave, not just ankle deep, not just waist deep but go all the way under. This is a new wave, the earth has not experienced this kind of Glory before.

You will hear things, you will see things, you will speak things you have never known before. Deep is calling unto deep. Arise my Bride, for the Glory of the Lord is upon you and you will do great exploits for Me. The world will hunt you down to experience My Glory. Watch, be alert and donít miss My Glory Wave!

Now, before I pass judgement I should say, that many revivals in history are announced ahead of time, but ignored by the church till they have passed by. Then they are discussed as if they are a strange phenomenon that must only be dissected only when dead.

Sad to say, as far as I know, this revival is dead, in fact it never caught on. So much for the, "Wave of unparalleled proportion". What are we do about this enthusiasm to make well intentioned statements!? I groan every time I hear one, then hope for the impossible!

I refuse to attend a certain church close to me because the senior minister makes long winded "serious" repetitive prophesies over people. They may be 50% correct, but 50% is a totally crap percentage!! I could do 50% by looking into a persons eyes! Without God!

Serious prophetic statements require serious proof! Should we just ignore prophesy? like most pastors do after praising the idea of revival? Yep, that's what they do, like most of the congregation. Those crazy prophets, mouthing off again! Like-wise, an attitude of, 'if it happens it happens', is not good enough.

Long ago, in a past age (50 years ago), some enlightened partitioners wrote prophesies down. Not many churches bother with that any more. All the more reason to correct ourselves! Why make glorious statements if you are not sure? What purpose does that serve?