The 2020

The mess that is Covid. I wrote many journal entries about Covid, most of them unprintable. You may have a similar experience.

As an observer, I find the reaction of world leaders very revealing. We've had the "underplay" disaster, from Trump, so underplayed, he actually invited infected Europeans to fly straight over for a holiday... Staggering in it's stupidity!!

Did his attitude improve? No, it didn't. When caution was required, he chose the opposite. When Science was needed, he denied it. Thank god he's gone! Of course he's not alone. Balsonaro is another opposite man, denying the virus even after he recovered from it.

If blame is on offer, leaders everywhere should stand in line. With the exception of a few, they were all found wanting, fearing a public backlash, or worse, a business backlash.

Keep the economy open!!?? Sure, if you want inflict maximum damage to the voters, and the economy! Sure, if you want to extend that damage for an extra year, just let it rip, go ahead, keep everything open.

You could make token efforts and call that 'a plan', try reacting two weeks too late, or have no plan at all (like Trump). It's alright, you can deny all culpability later, blame something else, blame the media, blame immigrants, or start a war. Next year you claim credit for what others did.

Hmm! Some great options there, grand delusions, pity they've all been used! Seriously, using tactics your enemies pray for!!? Forget the lie detector, can someone please invent a stupidometer!!

Then it was the vaccine grab, rich countries ordering 5 times what they need. Will they share it? Hmm, let's wait and see.

Oh, I forgot the banning of vaccine exports. Nations grabbing their own, that was fun!

Already, I assume next years Covid vaccine must be "updated". Why? No, not because of virus variations. Because, half the world will not be immunised, or will refuse, therefore, we must all expect the virus to mutate.

So, unless we share the vaccine, and use it!, buying 5 times more than you need, could be, 5 times expensive wastage... But, governments are good at that.

Whoopee, a Covid jab every year or two! There's something to look forward to!

You know? I don't think I should post this either, but I will. What's prophetic about it? Oh, just wait until the next pandemic, the same excuses, same denial, the chaos, the moaning about lockdown, and the suffering, will all happen again. There is your prophesy!


Serious statements require serious proof! Should we just ignore prophesy? like most pastors do after praising the idea? Yep, that's what they do, like most of the congregation. Those crazy prophets, mouthing off again! An attitude of, 'if it happens it happens', is not good enough.

Long ago, in a past age (50 years ago), some enlightened partitioners wrote prophesies down. Not many churches bother with that any more. All the more reason to correct ourselves! Why make glorious statements if you are not sure? What purpose does that serve?